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We Provide Free Case reviews and we work on a contingent fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless you win


Best Attorneys

Seventeen of our attorneys have been named Super Lawyers or “Rising Stars” by the independent rating survey.

Legal Care

We are leaders in handling serious personal injury cases. When we go to court, we bring an army of skilled attorneys and experts to seek to achieve the best possible verdict or settlement.

Track Record/ Major Victories

We have more $10 million+ results last year more than any other USA law firm.

Doctor/Lawyer Team

We have an unmatched staff of five doctor-lawyers working full-time for our firm. No other law firm in the United States has as many physicians on staff.

Safety Efforts

We care about making things right. In a lot of cases, that means getting you more than just money. Our cases have resulted in safety improvements in medical care, consumer products, mass transit, motor vehicles, public utilities, police conduct and more.

We Care About You

We work closely with you to help ensure you receive every bit of legal, medical, insurance and financial assistance to which you are entitled.

Our Staff

We have more than 35 attorneys and a staff of 110 to serve clients. We promptly pair you with an attorney for a consultation and spare no effort or expense in litigating cases.

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